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In healthy brains, proteins that inhibit healthy cognition and memory are created, but they are regularly cleared through normal processes.1 This clearing process declines over time as part of normal aging. When that happens, these proteins begin to accumulate, affecting memory and cognitive function.2

Colostrinin is a milk peptide that helps inhibit molecular mechanisms that produce unwanted brain proteins, while also maintaining levels of the enzymes that help break them down.3

Lithium is a naturally-occurring mineral that preclinical studies show helps support the breakdown of those accumulated brain proteins and promotes the brain’s normal process for clearing cellular debris .12


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13. Aust N Z J Psychiatry. 2014;48(9):809-18. will make every effort to validate your shipping address and provide you with a recommended substitution. Please be aware that if the shipping vendor finds that there are errors or the address is undeliverable, you are agreeing to pay a $18 fee for address corrections and/or package rerouting. rigorously tests all its formulas for authenticity, potency, and safety; and we do not resell any returned items, and we are unable to accept returns. Claims for shortages, incorrect items, and damages must be made within (5) days of delivery and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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It came in a timely manner and was all in tact. No problem

Jay M.

So far so good. Helps digest hard to breakdown food such as cheese and fat.

Heidi K.

it helps with sibo, digesting food, and heart burn for me. it’s never caused anything negative so i suggest you try it for yourself!

William J. Kendall

I've tried several different omegas and this is by far the best I'm not waking up with pain in my back and my mood is way better

Megan M.

This product is great...well worth the money. It works great for my arthritic knee, and for my head and heart, along with all the other good things we do to take care of ourselves.

Alma E. Tazen

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